This is a two-day class based on Deborah Stallions' hands-on work since 1994 and Milton Albrecht's advanced interpretation notes of the Bowen Technique. This research was instrumental in developing her “Body Mapping Technique.” She has spent 23 years as a trainer and dog handler for the Placer County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Canine Unit. She has trained and certified four dogs in wilderness (lost person), weapons, and forensics. Deborah has a unique Bowen Technique practice specializing in horses and dogs. The Parker School of Bowenology is honored to be able to present this class to students with Bowenology training Level 1 and 2 or equivalent* and a true desire and ability to help animals. The first day of class includes working on and with Deborah’s search dogs “Whitney” and "Raine" at the Parker School of Bowenology in Auburn, CA. Whitney has assisted Deborah in teaching all her classes and brings something very special to the canine portion of the animal training classes. Raine is the newest member of our canine team and she loves the students. The second day of training we will be working on and with horses. The venue for this class will be at Wes and Jolean’s home in Cool, CA working on Jolean's horse, "Awesumm." He is a gentle, kind and seasoned Bowen Technique recipient and enjoys students working on him. The newest member of our equine team, "Gypsy," (owned by licensed Bowenology practitioner, Robin Fisackerly), is a beautiful, intelligent, and playful Quarter Horse mare and she loves people to work on her. 

A certificate for 15 hours of instruction will be presented to all students completing the class. Thirty documented hours of practice sessions on canines or equines are required to take the final examination. Final examinations are available by appointment through the school office. This final examination is presented by Deborah Stallions in a 2-hour format.

Tuition for this two day, 15-hour course of study is $700.00 plus materials fee of $30 (Bowen Technique for Animals Manual).

Please send your completed registration form and a deposit of $200.00 to make a reservation for this class. For additional information please contact the school at 530-888-7263 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Call the Bowenology office for more information about class dates and times.

* Jolean or Wes Parker will evaluate students for eligibility for the Bowen Technique for Animals Training Class with Deborah Stallions.