Can Bowen Therapy Help Me?We teach our clients how to balance their body to heal themselves through non-secular healing techniques usually demonstrated with the client fully clothed. Bowenology™ is useful for everyone from newborn infants through the elderly. It is extremely effective as stress and pain management for those overcoming strokes, sports injuries, and accidents.

Range and fluidity of motion is often rapidly restored or enhanced. 

What is Bowenology?Bowenology™ is the study of the Bowen Technique demonstrated in a series of simple, gentle, noninvasive moves, usually with the client fully clothed. This unique approach can manage the stress of migraine headaches, shoulder injuries, TMJ, muscle aches and discomfort, sciatic nerve issues, and scoliosis. Rather than overpowering the body, these moves encourage and assist the body to heal itself. Bowenology is a method whereby our client's can learn to manage their own pain and stress along with relaxation and detoxification.