Become a Bowenology StudentDeborah Stallions demonstrating the Body Mapping Technique to a Bowenology StudentBowenology® is a method whereby our client's can learn to manage their own pain and stress along with relaxation and detoxification. This unique approach can manage the stress of migraine headaches, shoulder injuries, TMJ, muscle aches and discomfort, sciatic nerve issues, and scoliosis. 

In addition to Bowenology’s interpretation of the Bowen Technique, Bowenology specializes in several techniques that have proven to compliment the Bowen Technique.

  • Bowenology Body Mapping Technique, Developed by Deborah Stallions (Milton Albrecht's Sister
  • Bowenology's Bowen Technique, for Animals Developed by Deborah Stallions (Milton Albrecht's Sister
  • Bowenology Body Patterning Technique, Developed by Jolean Parker
  • Bowenology Self-Care Lessons, Developed by Jolean Parker
  • Bowenology Essential Oils Technique, Developed by Wes Parker


Parker School of Bowenology® was founded by Jolean Parker in 2008, to develop, promote, and advance the work of an informally trained Australian named Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982). Today's technology has proven that the concepts which Mr. Bowen developed were on track to the formation of a clear understanding as to how the human body works.  After applying Bowen methodology to several thousand clients of his own, their teacher and mentor Milton Albrecht (1948-2003) further defined the Bowen ideology and translated it into his own interpretation of the Bowen Technique. Jolean Parker taught Milton's notes for his organization, Bowen Therapy International, from 2006-2008 in California.  In 2008 Jolean Parker following the vision to develop, promote and advance the work, wrote her own progressive interpretation, refined the original concept, and named it Bowenology®.  Jolean and Wes Parker have owned and operated a full time Bowen technique practice in Auburn and Cool California since 1997. We coach, educate, and mentor our clients and students to manage their pain, reduce their stress, enhance their peak performance, and detoxify their body, mind, and spirit.