What is Bowenology?

The term "Bowen Technique" is commonly used to describe a number of interpretations of a body work that is based on the methods used by an informally trained Australian named Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982). 

It is a complimentary technique in that all that the intrepretations speak to facilitate the body's natural capacity for self-regulation and healing. These approaches are all similar in that they employ a unique form of moves that address the stress of mechanical and neural disfunction. Each of these approaches generate beneficial input through its interpretation of the "Bowen" move. 

In the Bowen Technique the term, "move" describes a process of tactile intervention that is specific in relation to various characteristics. The typical "move" is distinctive in that it is directed to a target area, involves some use of skin slack, and a has a specific "direction." These movements are determined to not be osteopathic or massage therapy techniques.

The most simplistic interpretation of the Bowen Technique employs standardized sequences of predetermined moves to elicit a response, while more complex interpretations apply individualized intervention based on observation and understanding of the body.

 It is our understanding that Tom Bowen considered his knowledge and understanding of the body a "gift from God."