Bowenology® License Board

When approved by the Bowenology® License Board, Applicants will receive a certificate as a Licensed Bowenology Practitioner. This License issued in compliance with all international and federal laws and regulations to the spiritual healer applicant subject to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Bowenology License Board under the authority of the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards - Bowenology License Board.

Requirements to obtain a Spiritual Healer License:

  1. Receive a certificate of completion from the Parker School of Bowenology; Human and or Animal course of study.
  2. Purchase three correspondent courses here:
    1. Professional Practices (10 CEU)
    2. Professional Ethics (10 CEU)
    3. Creating Informed Consent Forms (20 CEU)
  3. Register for the Basic Skills Coaching Workshop (45 CEU) here.
  4. Complete the Bowenology License Board Application.
  5. Remit License Fee of $65.00 for the first year. Renewals are $55.00/year. Mail to: Bowenology License Board P.O. Box 322, Cool, CA 95614.

Call (530) 888-7263 for more information.